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We will support your transformation
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Innovation Management was founded 10 years ago.
At the time of our establishment, the term "innovation management" was not used as widely as it is today. However, the business environment has changed drastically in the past 10 years, and many companies are now tackling to various initiatives with "how to realize innovations continuously" as an important management agenda.

Originally, as project management professionals, we were providing consulting services of establishing a Project Management governance mainly to many organizations having a mission of new product development.
I believe we were able to contribute to the efficiency of new product development and the improvement of productivity for our clients through business process re-engineering, organization change, and the implementation of a Proejct/Portfolio Managemen system.
Various knowledge about implementation and operation regarding to the Project Management governace are the source of value we provide.

One of the purposes of empowering the Project management governance is to shorten the lead time and to improve the performance for product development, In other words, an activity to accelarate the time to market for products.
In the past, establishing these excellent systems to new product development led to a competitive edge, but this is not enough in today's business environment, in which technology has been commodified, and user needs are diversifying in many industries. 
It is important to foresee future changes in the business environment and acquire and accumulate essential technological seeds to solve issues. For that purpose, it is necessary to organically integrate strategies and operations.

Fortunately, we were able to realize these issues at a relatively early stage, so we founded our company in 2010 with our organizational mission to support clients establishing the system enable to realize innovation continuously.
Furthermore, the number of employees has doubled since we started, but pursuing business scale is not our goal. We will continue to put the first priority on the valuation to our client, and place importance on hiring and training professionals with unique knowledge and know-how.

Our society is about to change dramatically.  In such circumstances, many industries could be facing fundamental changes in the present business environment.
We will be present at as many of your transformations as possible, and continue to strive every day to contribute to your success.


Yoshiaki Shibao